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Indonesia Visa Services Agency

Indonesia Visa Services Agency

Indonesia Visa Services Agency for All Countries – Fast, Cheap and Safe

PT Jangkar Global Groups Is An Indonesia Visa Services Agency To All Countries. We serve Visa Making Services from cities in Indonesia for you. We Will Provide Information about Visa Making Services, Visa Making Requirements, How Long a Visa Is Completed, And Visa Making Prices Although Based In Jakarta, We Serve Services For Making Visas from All Cities in Indonesia. We are ready to help you make a Travel Visa and Work Visa for All Countries with an Embassy in Jakarta. With the support of our professional staff, we guarantee fast, cheap and safe visa-making services. Korean Visa Manufacturing Services, China Visa Manufacturing Services, and Schengen Visa Manufacturing Services are the most widely used by us at the moment. If you need information about Visa Making Services, Visa Making Requirements, How long a Visa Is Completed, And Visa Making Price contact us immediately.

Requirements for Making a Visa in Indonesia Visa Services Agency :

  • A valid passport for at least 8 months.
  • Application Form for Making VISA from the Embassy of the Destination Country
  • Passport Photo (Size follows the format of the embassy concerned)
  • Proof of Identity Card and Original and Copian Family Card.
  • The Sponsor Letter in the form of a Work Contract, Invitation / Guarantor Letter
  • Photocopy of Account Movements in the last 3 months
  • Proof of Airplane Ticket Purchase.

The time required to administer a visa.

  • South Korea Visa Treatment Requires 5-7 Business Days
  • Making a Schengen visa at the Netherlands embassy takes approximately 15 working days
  • Making a Japanese visa takes 5-7 working days
  • Making a China Visa requires 3-5 working days
  • For other countries, please contact us

Price for making a visa.

  • The price of making a Schengen VISA is around 60 Euros
  • Prices for Chinese visa making start from IDR 300,000 for a single entry
  • South Korea’s VISA Making Prices Starting from Rp. 560,000 for Single Entries.
  • The above price is the price of travel VISA for working VISA Can Contact Us.

We Serve Services for Making Tourist Visas and Work Visas from the following Countries:

  • Singapore State Work and Indonesia Visa Services Agency
  • Service Bureau for Manufacturing Tourism Visas and Malaysian State Work Visas
  • Thailand State Tourist and Work Visa Service Making Bureau
  • Vietnam State Work and Travel Visa Service Development Bureau
  • Bureau of Tourism Visa and Employment Work Services for the Cambodia State Visa
  • Philippine State Work and Travel Visa Manufacturing Service Bureau
  • Australia’s Tourist and Employment Work Visa Service Bureau
  • Bureau of Tourism and American Work Visa Manufacturing Services
  • China State Tourist and Employment Visa Service Development Bureau
  • Bureau of Tourism and Japan Work Visa Manufacturing Services
  • South Korea’s State Tourist and Employment Visa Work Services Bureau
  • Schengen State Work and Tourism Visa Service Making Bureau
  • Making Services for Tourist Visas and German Country Work Visas
  • Services for Making Tourist Visas and British Country Work Visas
  • Services for Making Tourist Visas and Italian Country Work Visas
  • Services for arranging tourist visas and French work visas
  • Services for arranging tourist visas and work visas for the Netherlands
  • Russian Tourist and Work Visa
  • Services for arranging tourist visas and work visas for Saudi Arabia countries for Umrah and Hajj visas
  • Qatar State Visa and Work Visa Management Services
  • Services for arranging tourist visas and work visas for the United Arab Emirates
  • European Country Visa and Work Visa Management Services
  • Latin America State Work and Travel Visa Handling Services
  • Services for arranging tourist visas and work permits for African countries

We Serve Services for Making Tourist Visas and Work Visas from the following Countries:

  • Banda Aceh Indonesia Visa Services Agency
  • Visa Services Bureau in Medan and North Sumatra
  • Visa Services Bureau in Padang and West Sumatra
  • Visa Service Bureau in Pekanbaru and Riau Province
  • Jambi and Jambi Province Visa Services Bureau
  • Visa Services Bureau in Batam and Tanjung Pinang and Riau Islands Province
  • Visa Service Bureau in Bengkulu and Bengkulu Province
  • Visa Service Bureau in Palembang and South Sumatra Province
  • Visa Management Services Bureau in Belitung and Bangka Belitung Province
  • Pangkal Pinang Visa Management Services
  • Visa Management Services in Bandar Lampung and Lampung Province
  • Visa Management Services in Jakarta and Jabodetabek
  • Visa Management Services In Serang, Banten Province
  • Visa Management Services In Bandung, West Java Province
  • Visa Management Services In Semarang, Central Java Province
  • Services for Visa in Yogyakarta and Yogyakarta Special Province
  • Visa Services in Surabaya and East Java Province
  • Services for Visa Bali – Denpasar
  • Visa Visa Management Services
  • Kupang Visa Management Services
  • Pontianak Visa Management Services
  • Balikpapan Visa Management Services
  • Samarinda Visa Management Services
  • Tanjung Selor Visa Management Services
  • Palangkaraya Visa Management Services
  • Visa Services In Banjarmasin
  • Indonesia Visa Services Agency in Gorontalo
  • Indonesia Visa Services Agency in Manado
  • Indonesia Visa Services Agency in Mamuju
  • Services For Visa In Palu
  • Services for Visa in Makassar
  • Services For Visa In Kendari
  • Services for Visa on Sofifi
  • Visa Services For Ambon
  • Visa Services in Monokwari
  • Services for Visa in Jayapura

We understand the problems you are facing are :

  • There is no time because of work busy
  • The location of the client is far from the capital city of Jakarta
  • Ignorance of good and correct procedures
  • Lack of Information on Visa Requirements
  • Original but fake letters
  • Do not want to queue, pacing back and forth to the agency and stuck in traffic jams in the capital
  • Inmaterial losses and time that cannot be bought due to Original But Fake letters
  • Gaptek and dizzy how to fill out online forms
  • Confused and afraid to find the destination address while in Jakarta
  • Fear of sending original documents to unclear agents and fear of missing documents

Entrust all your problems to us because:

  • An official company registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights
  • Having business legality credibility
  • Have an office with a clear address
  • Expert staff who will provide assistance and services
  • Consultants who are ready to serve consultations anytime
  • Can be contacted via email, whatsapp, and tel during business hours
  • Update order development information
  • Can save the cost of hotels, plane tickets and transportation for clients far from the capital of Jakarta.
  • The process is fast and accurate and guaranteed authenticity.
  • No need to down payment (DP) payment after the document is complete, the client is sent a soft copy and invoice.
  • More than 1000 clients have used PT Jangkar Global as a partner

How to Get a Visa On PT Jangkar Global

  • Send ORIGINAL Documents For Completeness of Making Your VISA To Our Office Via: JNE, TIKI, DHL Post Office or Gojek and Grab.
  • After the documents get to the PT Jangkar Global , our staff will inform you that the package has been well received and is processed according to the client’s wishes.

VISA maintenance guarantee given by PT Jangkar Global :

  • Process speed and timeliness.
  • Avoid the problem of genuine but fake letters (Asphalt)
  • Avoiding fraud because we ask for payment after the document is complete.
  • The money will be returned if your document is not received by the embassy because it legalizes kemenkumham and legalizes the need to doubt its authenticity

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